Tejaswini M

Open for any work related to Python/Data Analytics/Data Science

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About Me

I am Tejaswini.I am fulltime Freelancer having expertise in Python, Data Analytics and Data Science. I teach, support with your job/projects, Well versed in statistical techniques and methods including Linear/Ridge/Lasso regression, Logistic regression, KSVM, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting Decision Tree, Neural Networks(MLP, ANN, RNN), Time Series Analysis(ARMA/ARIMA), Unsupervised algorithms. Skilled in statistical software and development tools like R Studio, Python (PyCharm/Anaconda), Tableau. I am passionate about Data Science and love producing data-driven business insights. I always look for challenging opportunities for my personal as well as professional growth.


Full Time Freelancer

Python Dev or Automation Scripts/ Data Analyst/ Data Scientist

With my prior working experiences, i have decided to work as full-time freelancer handling multiple clients with various business scenarios and working on challenging problem statements made me feel complete. i work remotely with engineers. I am very excited to work with people across the world. I am open for any roles related to Data Analytics,Python & Data Scientist. I also teach online & classroom for newbies, job seekers, Job support, proxy works, supporting project works etc.

Part-time Freelancer

Data Analyst/Data Scientist

Involved in product solutions for clients on complex business problems, working across model building, validation, evaluation, optimization & deployment. Have worked with top tier companies across globe. Has been using predictive modeling algorithms from domain of Data Mining (Regression, Decision Trees), machine learning (SVM, KNN, Naive bayes etc.), deep learning & AI (ANN, CNN, LSTM) to solve challenging business problems. I have contributed dynamically in areas of education, training, management, consultancy & personality development.

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Programmer Analyst/Data Analyst

Worked with Marketing Analytics team of a leading Insurance provider in US on various Descriptive and Predictive analysis like Lead Targeting, Predictive Modeling, Customer Segmentation and Automation.


Amrita School Of Engineering

2009 - 2013

Bachelor of Engineering

Completed my bachelors in 2013 with 7.6 CGPA from India.